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Gravity Doesn't Work
Nov 14, 2021

Yet Another Flat-Earther

Gab's #1 Flat-Earth group:

“The ordinary scientific man is...



A simple computer program I wrote to model "gravity in outer space."

If your "scientific theory" requires regular Divine intervention in order to work, doesn't work. :(

NOTE: I called the two planets "Jupiter" and "Saturn" out of convenience, but I now realize I SHOULD have given them made-up names to avoid confusion (like "brown planet" and "purple planet"). This is NOT intended to be a simulation of "our" solar system, but rather a demonstration of the general behavior of ANY gravity-based orbital system. They ALL exhibit mathematical chaos.

I use the D programming language. If you've used C/C++ before, then it will make sense. Rendering was done with the Simple DirectMedia Layer library. D language: SDL:

Tunes were composed on a Commodore 64 by Jeroen Tel. Alternative Fuel: Supremacy:

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  • Someone with a bad understanding makes a bad "simulation" that doesn't take into account real figures and is surprised when it doesn't work?

  • Thanks for the video. Yeah, the whole gravitational equilibrium of planetary orbits is bogus. In a way, because they say our planets have been here for billions of years, that perpetual motion and perpetual energy is real, but I don't see how. Besides when it comes to mass, in any solar system, wouldn't the largest planets have to be closest to the sun and the smallest ones further away? Jupiter should be where Mercury is, etc. Based on mutual gravitational pull, Mercury should just crash into the sun. OK, I think it's all bullshit. I think for many reasons, the serious Flat Earth folks have great arguments for why they believe what they believe. It likewise endorses the idea that there is a Creator and as a result, a final reckoning for the evils in this world.

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