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Mall Angel Debunks Global View of Perspective [Excerpt]
Jul 23, 2022

Yet Another Flat-Earther

Gab's #1 Flat-Earth group:

β€œThe ordinary scientific man is...



This clip is an excerpt from a longer video available here:

From the original videos description:

#TEAMYAHAWASHI #TruePerspective #FlatEarth

Reality Witnesses is a #TEAMYAHAWASHI production between Jason Laufenberg of Awake Souls, and Ronnie Harris of the The Limitless Channel. Together we are Yahawashi News Network (YNN). Your best community for top news and information regarding Christianity, simulation reality and flat out proofs!

The main things #TEAMYAHAWASHI teaches are:

  1. Earth is fixed and immovable (heliocentrism is the STRONG DELUSION)
  2. The AE map/model is impossible (created and disseminated primarily by the freemasons to destroy the credibility of the Bible with an easily debunked model that they have worked so hard to try and link the Bible to)
  3. We are in a simulation/realm (the material reality we have all been taught by "scientists" that goes back to the ancient Greek philosophy of atomism is impossible)
  4. The Creator of this world is the author of the Bible YHWH pronounced YaHaWaH and his SON and only begotten is our Savior Yahawashi who died on a torture stake for us and was resurrected . (there was no letter "J" until about 500 years ago which is about the time that the STRONG DELUSION was rolled out)

Awake Souls = The Limitless Channel = Beyond Flat Earth = The Truth About Everything = Jason Laufenberg = Ronnie Harris =

Awake Souls email: The Limitless Channel email:

Telegram links: Jason Laufenberg: Ronnie Harris: Reality Check:

The Strange Truth Project. Winner! πŸ‘ Best Truth documentary of all time!

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