Great site Andrew! Lets make 2021 a year of destruction for all Big Tech and Big Media. Along the same lines of stupid is as stupid does, I wrote this on my blog a while back.....should do a video.

The following conversation (almost) occurred while I was hiking on the beautiful Trails around the Carl Sandburg homesite in Flat Rock, NC. I ran across a man walking alone in the woods with his Covid mask on……

You are wearing a mask by yourself in the woods, alone?


Just curious. Why would you do that?

I don’t want to give the Coronavirus to someone.

Are you sick?


But you are going to make someone sick?

Yes, I could.

Do you feel sick?

I don’t feel sick.

No fever, no cough or runny nose?

Not now.

But you think you are going to make someone sick when you are not sick.


Have you ever been sick and not known you were sick?

Ahhh. I don’t think so. But this is different.


You must be living in a cave! Its reported on the radio every 15 minutes. Don’t you know that Covid can be spread from someone who has no symptoms?

Of being sick?


So you wear a mask because you could be sick but you don’t feel sick.


Hmmmm. Do you know that as far back as we have good medical records there has never been a high mortality communicable disease that was spread to others from people that never had symptoms? Even mild forms of influenza, like the deadly Spanish Flu of 1918, causes you to get symptoms like Fever and Headache. Do you have a headache or fever now?

No. But this is different. That’s why I could be sick with Covid and just not know it. Or…


Well, just listen to the news. I could also get Covid from other people and die!

I understand. Take care. And, turn off the News.

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