Executive Orders and Governor mandates are not law and they have no rights to lock you down ! What part of George Carlin's Ít's a club and you ain't in it' (skit) do voters not understand ? Blame the 33% (moral minority) of the US population who are voters/ enablers of the 1%/are complicit/consent by voting, and are [thus] a danger to the rest of us and the world (except Israel).

The US has been a mere CORPORATION (legal fiction = not a Republic) since 1861 when the southern states walked out of Congress over the issue of not wanting to put up their public lands as surety for the national debt (not slavery).

When Lincoln then no longer had a quorum in Congress to be a Republic, he started the US CORPORATION, where the Constitution is in favor of the banks and [CORPORATE] government, and the fake government is the Sovereign, not the people.

The FEDERAL RESERVE is also an international private CORPORATION. 14th Amendment "citizens" are considered as sureties for the national debt (which you are not allowed to question) and wards of the BAR (British Accreditation Registry) courts.

Dual citizens in elected and appointed positions of policy-making of wars, resource & land theft,, etc. ? [email protected] would not occur if the US was actually still a Republic.

Waiting for breadcrumbs while we have to watch the left-right false paradigm circus and waiting for CV-19, etc. vaccines while simultaneously facing arrest for not wearing masks оr not social distancing ? [email protected] would not occur if the US were a Republic.

The US owes you the interest money on the CORPORATION (birth certificate bond & tax asset tracking #) they started in your name (@vanity/commerce) and monetized that as a bond on the stock market. Is it easier to fool the sheeple than it is to convince them they've been fooled ?

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