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I went to the Capitol Protest, and the crowd was so massive because it was full of elderly grandparents, veterans, families with their kids, and women of all ages. Girls 7 to 77 were coming to ask for an end to corruption. I'd say about 1% of the country came. The police were tear gassing the age diverse crowd brimming with women, hitting us all with canisters of rubber bullets before 1PM. I took a rubber pellet home, but forgot a canister that dropped at my feet at sunset. Elderly Asian women were maced, or tear gassed, and were helped past me, weeping to the middle of the crowd. It was so massive, we couldn't find the edges. I took a little video of the police abuse, but during the first encounter before we took the steps I was too surprised to start filming. The crowd chanted "STAND DOWN POLICE" while they isolated a patriot, and hit them repeatedly in the head, forming a line, so no one could help them. My brother has a video, but we saw unlawful use of force that day. It felt like their superiors ordered them to use unlawful force, because they were WELL stocked on the mace, pepperspray, tear gas, rubber bullets, and shields/batons, and not afraid to aggressively target mixed groups of over 80 people with them. What the media is saying about what happened is slander. The Metro and Capitol PDs are corrupt, and it's well known.

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