Andrew, I've never heard you speak before (or really know who you are) as I left Gab years ago (the minute I joined actually) when everyone was a gov't worshipping trumpet worshipping mean spirited loud mouth.

Someone told me if I'm looking for like minded freedom truthers, I wasn't going to find it on your site, so I left.

I'm shocked at everything you have been thru. It's TERRIBLE.

I understand you don't know the truth that trumpet is an evil just like everyone else in the gov't (it's always been that way) & that you think that America was ever free (it wasn't, they just made it seem like it was so they could work behind the scenes) & that you think the constinution has ever been upheld.

I recommend you do WAY more research.

I don't know if links in comments get blocked here, but I'll leave you some below.

I wanted to share your video on my YT channel (yeh no comments LOL, they have the most people so I have to stay on there), but I see no way to RIP it. I would have liked to upload it to BC & LBRY too.

If there's a way & you want me to share it so you can get more members, plesae LMK.

I ONLY believe in FREEDOM, & you can't have freedom with the mafia evil gov'ts & I'm talking ANY gov't, it doesn't matter which country. It doesn't even matter how small the so called gov't is.

We are slaves & always have been & I encourage EVERYONE to wake up to the TRUTH! - I got this from someone a few months ago, but I didn't need evidence, I already knew he was part of the evil collective.

I'm not sure I'll get an e-mail if anyone responds to my comment, but if I do, I'll respond back.

I commend you for all of your hard WORK & I hope Gab thrives.

Parler is TOAST now & another video platform said he's shutting down due to the hosting costs.

BC & LBRY aren't great. Lots of bugs & buffeing.

Be well.

P.S. I found a bug LOL

It (my settings bio) says I signed up this month in 2021. Not true. I signed up ages ago like probably 2016/17 whenever you launched.

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