This is news? Are you from the United States? Have you been here the last 40 or 50 years? Who are “they”? Provide names. Every time there’s a republican that’s been elected and when they leave office there’s some sort of economic devastation that this woman describes. So she must be saying Republicans. She mention war on terror whose idea was that? She mentions pandemic. Who didn’t stop it or did that who denied it? Because it appears those that denied the pandemic we’re set to profit from that denial. Because if you can stop it then there’s no way to go through with the things that she’s describing are happening in the economy. Also why would somebody say that the Republican president was responsible for building such a grand economy and then believe this unless you’re part of this manipulation and planning of currencies and wealth. Because who stands to profit? So the wealth in the great economy that was said to have been created by Trump our tech companies like Walmart Microsoft Amazon etc. since they profited from the most or were profiting in the economy the most. Who benefited in 2007 from the mortgage meltdown? Who benefited in 2000 for the stock market meltdown? I just would like to know who they are. My advice don’t put money in the bank don’t get a Social Security number and you won’t have any problems but you will be able to get credit you will be able to engage in commerce and he will be able to get Social Security. This is nothing new what she’s talking about this has been going on for the 60 years I’ve been on this planet

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