Catherine Austin Fitts has her own company "the solari report. " I even took out a 30 day subscription to be able to access everything she has on her site. It's an abundant resource with so much information about what's going on. I had to read her "The state of our currencies: The end of currencies", which is on her site. Search for 2nd quarter wrap up 2019. It's full of financial info and more about what has led us to the point our world/country is at. There's a video entitled "Health, part 1". I recommend everyone watch it. It's long yes but it's experts and more about the great reset and their plans for humanity and the vaccines. They're not what people think they are and they'll keep coming up with more need for further vaccs which will dump more of their controls and harm into your body. No thanks to any of them. Knowledge is the first step for all of us if we want humanity to survive. Please check it out and share.

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