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Torba..This is far from a FREE SPEECH Platform...Your employees have the thought processes of sociopathic children.And ANYBODY WHO DISAGREES WITH YOUR EMPLOYEES ARE QUICKLY SILENCE HERE ON GAB.....This is a far right NAZI PLATFORM of your employees who project their small minded biases and prejudices on WE THE PEOPLE......Nazi Mussolini church scum with a far fascist right indoctrinated mentality///THE VATICAN AND THE CHURCH Catholic health systems targeted Americans with Goldman Sachs Heroin and a mass incarceration fraud starting in 1996 when killary Clinton gave them the keys to our health care system......aNGLIcan priest HSBC baron green 1.9 billion dollar kickback of Goldman Sachs opium to Judge John Gleeson 2012 proves that point....NOT A FREE SPEECH PLATFORM...GAB is a NAZI HANGOUT FOR WHITE supremacist ,WHO target people spreading knowledge and truths to silence them....No different than DOLANS NEWSDAY TOPIX USED TO IDENTITIFY AND TARGET PEOPLE EXPOSING CORRUPTION.......THE PRESIDENT WILL NEVER JOIN GAB....AS U R NAZI'S...with run amok stains on humanity playing gatekeepers..

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