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That's what these Kenneth Copeland & Kenneth E. Hagin satan possessed types want you to think. God and I am sending you the signal you need to finish this. If it is true that He is coming and He sees nothing is done He will be very angry! and rightfully so. I am praying a lot and burning white candles at night. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU PRAY TO NO OTHER GOD THAN YOUR CREATOR! Cry out to Him and He will bless you. I have experienced REAL miracles and have BEEN HEALED BY THE HAND OF GOD! I have seen the sun spinning and doing figure 8's. I remember before I was born when I was in the void forever, tranquility is the only word that comes close to describing it. If the world does not prepare for what is coming you will regret it so deeply that you may curse God for the rest of eternity in hell! Do not be baited that is not what I am talking about, the signal is being sent to all those who CANNOT betray the light. Get on that side now. The peril we are in cannot be imagined, this may be the last chance we have as a family together. I am crying as I write this because I have seen the future in my dreams and I know what I will do, what will you do? "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false" - William J. Casey

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