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☘️First, Happy St Paddy's to all my fellow Irish in the great diaspora! The history of the Irish is that of people of pluck, Irish don't quit! ☦️Though I've read all of The Way of the Warrior Saint, the chapter I re-read today was Chapter 10 Chasing the Quiet. I used to find it at the barn, in the very early dawn checking the horses and their morning hay. That time was precious for a clear quiet calm peace to listen to God. Since those years, it has been hard to carve out a special time and place for that clarity and focus. The lockdowns made it worse but now I have both the time and the place. An icon corner in my study, facing East, a prayer book, the Holy Bible, and a closed door for no distractions. After 10 minutes of perfect quiet and focus I can step out onto the patio to watch an Arizona sunrise, which about 350 days a year is glorious, like God is displaying His majesty. Chasing the Quiet really helped me see how essential that brief but daily habit is to my day, and the service of others. All 3 practical points WORK. 🚶‍♀️My exercise is walking and I lost count today but am certain I added a few hundred steps. #iamawarriorsaint

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