I hate it but they want to know how much they can take before the overwhelming amount of people say no more because we all just went so nicely for their Plandemic so now on to their next game but if the people organize a worldwide protest in every country say no better they are truly killing all Humanity and trying to create Race Wars to deflect from themselves as all of Humanities Enemies and like their project blue beam they will try and make us believe the aliens are invading next have we not seen these frauds throughout history and their creations and are we just going along like good little sheep going to slaughter and the people can replace their local police as well because they work for you and a line must be drawn and their hands must be made to expose their true intentions and the rest will follow but do you see GOD is working because their Pandemic has been a failure and they are being exposed every day and when one is attacked the entire community must respond and protect each other and if we don't we all pay the price and many men worry about much more than dying

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