@a calling you out on this one- I love and respect your Christian beliefs about the natural order of humans having only two sexes. Here’s something that made me blink coming from a company CEO and amazing business leader; from the way you used the word ‘homo’ describing the woke economy, I inferred a little fear there. I could relate on why that might inspire fear in a person with strongly anchored Christian beliefs though your own online activity demonstrates your love of male and female traditional roles, I absolutely love this revival coming from the Christians online. My own connection to God and my empowered masculine nature and respect and admiration for my wife has grown just by being on Gab and I love it. I was imagining though had Christ himself sat down in front of your camera and read your message, would he have done it the same way? I feel like we would have only spoken with infinite and unyielding love. Based on your past posts I would expect you to rather use the term ‘mentally ill woke economy’, when referencing a system that promotes that behaviour which you may consider to be mentally ill and in need of aid. To me the woke economy is wrong because they believe they have the right to force their beliefs and behaviours upon me. My defiance of wokeness (which really is simply communism and fascism) has to do with how someone else wants to live their life, in whatever state of health they wish. As long as they do no harm to me or my family. This is natural law. This is respect for ourselves as divine beings in God. God doesn’t hate or fear parts of itself. If a part of myself is wounded I don’t hate that part of myself. I like to live in pure love and forgiveness with myself as with other aspects of God’s Creation which, by virtue of being Created by God can only Be Divine. All life. All things. Everything.

Blessings and love to all. 🙏✨

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