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Instead of not voting for republicans, don't donate until you see results and let them know you will donate when you see movement toward conservative values instead of away from them. No results, then no campaign contributions. It would be really a major mistake to just throw our hands up and hand the country to the democrats. They already have a huge number of lemmings following their policies into the abyss. Not voting for Republicans would only embolden the dems. It is very disturbing to me when giving up is the option provided. All republicans believe in being fair; in compromising, being respectful of others thoughts. That is a good thing if the other party or person is the same. They are not the same. They are lacking principles except when it come to narrative. Fair is a dirty word to them. Instead of respect others they demonize them and berate them and start false stories about them (marxist/socialist tactics). We just have to stop giving respect and compromise to those who DO NOT DESERVE IT. That has to be learned and if we do not learn it quickly, the downward spiral will continue. That is not a prediction, it is a promise of what is obviously going to come, just like getting on and staying on the death trains did not help the Jews during the Holocaust. We have to see that type of horror coming before we get on the train. Not voting is like getting on the train and hoping someone will learn how to save us.

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