I'm all for medical advancement, however, to make a fully informed decision, we, the recipients of this gene therapy must be told of ALL the information we need to know and not just the info that sounds good and beneficial. What Moderna aren't telling us is, that for the last 30 years every single big pharma company has extensively experimented with the messenger rna delivery system. And in each and every case study, it resulted in the animals being researched on, developing an exponentially more extreme and deadly over reaction to the respiratory illness when introduced to the body, than the reaction of non vaccinated animals also exposed to the respiratory disease. In fact, so deadly did it become in every animal injected with the MRNA, that when exposed to the respiratory disease, over 85% of all animals developed what's called an "extremely over enhanced immune system response' which was more deadly than the actual disease itself. This was a hurdle big pharma simply couldn't find a way to get over and as a result, ALL BIG PHARMA companies researching mRNA abandoned further funding and research into this field and deemed it far too unsafe, unstable and unpredictable to be used on humans. Taking into account the amount of needless deaths at the hands of big pharma from vax injuries, the Thalidomide scandal of children born without limbs and even after that the manufacturers continued to sell it in other countries damaging thousands more unborn babies, from carcinogenic talcum powder, the list is endless, so when a pharma company actually abandons research thats telling you something. So why then is a company who's never ever made vaccines b4, now pushing this extremely dangerous experimental gene therapy into human Guinea pigs? The Nuremberg accord clearly states that humans have the right to refuse and not be coerced or forced into accepting medical treatment, procedures on their bodies without their consent. So the next time anyone tries to socially shame or isolate you for not having been experimented on, remind them of that and scream "my body my choice" at them, you know, like the pro choicers do who think it's their right to choose to murder a full 9 month term baby by aborting after birth.

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