NO! You don't understand what mRNA does! Such a vaccine DOES NOT in any way, rewrite your DNA. Perhaps you are confused by the speaker's effort to simplify the process. Rather than rewriting DNA, mRNA is like the screen used in silk-screening for printing t-shirts.

  1. Silk-screening starts by using an original transparency. It may be created by using your computer's laser printer to print onto clear plastic, or you can even draw on the transparency with permanent markers.
  2. The next step is to make the screen itself. The screen has a special emulsion put onto it to make it sensitive to light. The transparency is laid on top of the screen. After exposing it, parts of the emulsion can be washed away, leaving clear areas where ink can later be pushed through the silk.
  3. Finally, you place the screen on top of the t-shirt, and use a squeegee to push ink through the screen.

In this analogy, the mRNA is the screen created in step #2. It is a copy of the original transparency, though in a different form. It is an intermediary between the original transparency and the print onto the t-shirt. Note that it is not possible to use the screen to modify the original transparency. The screen can ONLY be used to make the T-shirt prints.

Likewise, mRNA cannot be used to modify the DNA.

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