I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation because both Rick Wiles and Milo Yiannapoulos are exceptional wordsmiths saying precisely what they mean. Best takeaway wisdom: 1--Homosexuality is not inborn but nurtured. 2--Spiteful single feminists lead the gay push especially onto their own children if any. Both groups hate the man-woman complementary authenticity because they are trying to avenge their emotional baggage. I also admire Rick and Milo's candor addressing the impotent Republican Party and especially Milo's detailing his painful dysfunctional family. I only want to add two thoughts: 1--Milo looked near death with ominously black circled eyes before his conversion so his flip had a physical urgency in addition to his spiritual epiphany. 2--President Trump is not a quitter. Letting the world witness RESident Biden's radical agenda is the quickest way to avenge the stolen election. The Big Lie is unsustainable. Trump will catch us on the flip side. Milo, I wish you a blessed future that includes a loving woman and beautiful babies.

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