mRNA cannot rewrite or change DNA. It is analogous to the screen in the T-shirt silk-screening process. If you aren't familiar with it...

  1. Create a transparency.
  2. Expose the transparency onto a screen that has been coated with a light sensitive emulsion.
  3. Wash the screen, and the areas not exposed to light will rinse away, leaving the screen porous so the ink can squish through.
  4. Now you can print to a T-shirt by placing the screen on it, and squeegee ink through the screen.

mRNA is like the part created in step #1. It is a kind of copy of the original transparency. The screen cannot change the original. It is just an intermediary to transfer the image to the T-shirt.

I think the misunderstanding of the speaker in the video is perhaps caused by him trying to simplify the description, and not being successful. Though, I don't know if my analogy will be much better. But I am sure that GabNews should be able to find experts that they trust that can help them understand and issue a retraction.

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