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Love Trump for exposing the deep state and media. Now everyone knows who's who. Trump was a great CEO, but not such a great leader, too much of a socialite, trusting people because of their resume and repeatedly being stabbed in the back and cut off at every turn because he listened to the wrong people. Trump isn't a bad guy, but he's arrogant, and God will not bless that, he grandstands and talks about himself way too much. He should heed the Proverb - Humility goes before honor, pride goes before a fall. I didn't like all the commercial self promotion during his presidency, and I think that was a goad to his enemies, to his own hurt. He did what he said he would do, but he is too petulant, too full of himself, and although I voted for him all the way, that still troubles me. I pray for him, and for our country.

Andrew Torba, I allowed my sub to lapse in March I think, but almost everyone else is censoring, including Townhall and now even CFP .. so I won't go there anymore.. I don't have time for those people, but I like what you are doing with Gab and I will reup my sub. I am careful not to blaspheme, I don't swear, its a bastardization of language :?), and I don't threaten anyone, no reason to censor me... All the best my friend.

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