"The straight life" what the heck, he's suddenly having sex with women now? Why is this treated like an ontological category, that's just absurd!

The only logical way to describe this would be that the activity is the sin and the category is a Foucalt created label that distracts from judging action and moves to judging people .. it's an intellectual trap that they're still falling in. A dog will hump your leg but we don't call it "leg-sexual." If it's a sin, then it's the act not the "condition" so he was sinning and now he isn't but the biological creature is unchanged .. although the heart certainly may have.

I really like Milo, well before the Battle of Berkeley, but I wish he would focus on the histrionic (or I think less likely narcissistic) personality traits .. I bet they're really the root any other difficulties he has.

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