If you two think that President Trump and the patriots were blind sided with a stolen election and abandoned America then both of you need to put on a new pair of glasses and see whats being exposed to the people right now. People are waking up by the thousand s every day. The plan is to destroy the deep state machine that's been controlling our world from the shadows. They are now being exposed and we the people are rising up to change things from a grass roots approach. The plan has always been to save our country not just win an election. The whole one world central bank system is failing and the evil demon-rats know whats coming. Everything is coming out at once and it will be the perfect storm. Do you think that's just a coincidence We have more yet to go through but when our govt. becomes non functional the military will step in until a stable govt is installed. New elections will be ordered and overseen by the military and Trump will again become our next President. That's always been part of the plan.You two ought to wake up.

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