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The problem with Republicans, especially the average conservative is that they're not prepared to fight, and not having the spine to fight dirty and ruthlessly the way that people on the left do. We cant counter and overcome the fiery idiocy of the liberals that's been on full display since 2020 with our business as usual follow the rules, go by the laws and play fair. The stolen election is a very blatant sign that democrats and liberals are not trying to play fair. They're playing for keeps, their playing to win and their playing to dominate.

Christians, Evangelicals, Republicans and conservatives need to get a fire in their bones and demonstrate some push back against the evil on the left in every possible way; including some stealth and underhanded ways because playing by the rules went out the door a long time ago. Democrats will cheat, steal, kill AND when it it's to their advantage they will use the rules against Republicans and conservatives. So the Right needs to get smart and wise real quick. The people on the left are snakes , but we need to be more cunning and shrewd snakes than them.

But in general yes the "establishment" Republicans are trying to play nice and fair too much. In wise and more cunning ways current and new Republicans, new conservatives, new blood on our side needs to come out the gate with the fire in their bones and multiply that fire as they're blessed to progress forward in the political and legal spheres. The kinds of democrats and liberals today have a level of evil that requires fighting fire with fire.

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