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Ok, do we really think the person recording had relatives die because of the virus?? It seems everyone making such videos have such reasons and its hard for me to believe. That being said, if you did have a relative die, and believed the all knowing mainstream media sources that maskless people caused such deaths which are avoidable (because apparently death now is avoidable and lock downs should remain until no one ever dies from Covid), then I could understand why someone so worked up would be so angry and frustrated and want to record and rant at this lady. Funny to me how people think such shaming will make a difference to us anti-maskers. If this woman is shopping in what looks to be a Wegmans, I am sure she is regularly accosted by customers... she knows what she is getting in to and has such strength of character to not give in to social pressures to put a mask on. I live near these stores and have not shopped in them because of the woke crowd who loves going there and feels the need to lecture others on their health choices. Either kick me out or leave me alone, cuz I'm not putting a mask on my face.

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