Pennsylvania health secretary Dick Levine condemns transphobic attacks against him Disrespectful remarks and actions are hurting 'thousands of LGBTQ Pennsylvanians,' he says

Richard Levine was born a man but he began identifying as a woman in 2011. Richard was previously married to a woman before he became mentally ill and they had two children. The name of the wife has been kept private. The couple got married during Dick's fourth year at Tulane Medical School. However, in 2013 they divorced. He is the father of 2 children.

Interesting how Dick is so concerned about his being hurt but doesn't seem to have any concern how his confusion about something biologically and sexually based as gender hurts other people around him. "lgbt" sophistry-redefines homosexuality as a normal and immutable condition equivalent to heterosexuality & gender as fluid social construct making them states-of-being completely independent of conduct and biological reality - making the abnormal normal is insane - the lgbt creed is self-interest.

Dick Levine does not belong in the position of health secretary and should be removed. His medical license should be revoked. There is something wrong with a man expecting his neighbors and all Americans to be at ease with a man who mutilates himself and wears a dress. Men like Levine are out to force an abnormal lifestyle on others. He is out to destroy the traditional family like he destroyed his own family.

There are no transgendered just mentally disturbed individuals confused about gender & a costly societal burden

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