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Wow I cant believe the people that are going straight to the whole thing "You are antisemetic" Unbelievable. If you listen, I dont hear that at all. I hear him complaining about the jewish lobby in the US and his opinion and no it may not be in favor of the jewish lobby but that doesnt make you automatically antisemetic but the fact that people go there real quick, to quick, is suspicious right there!! I also dont hear him bashing MTG, who I support and will continue to support. If anything he still says he supports her and even invited her on. Also, I didnt hear him say that Israel is our only bad ally?? Wow people putting words in his mouth...really?? All they have in response to this truthful video is basically name calling. Where was all this outrage when BLM and Antifa were burning our own soil? That should be our main focus!

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