You're absolutely right about mirroring YouTube guaranteeing that the Gab content will still be YouTube censored. But here's something you could and should do:

Do it the other way around. Provide /uploaders/ to other platforms. You can use Mozilla DeepSpeech to automatically generate subtitles, and from that, determine if it's likely to violate the ToS of each site. A worker could do this in the background, providing the uploading, and if it determines (after processing) that it is likely to violate a site's ToS, it can e-mail them. Give them the 'upload anyway' option, have it upload a shortened 'lead them to Gab' video this is the big reason to do it, or don't upload at all. Bonus, you get subtitles you can use to help with the recommendation system, and closed captioning.

This guarantees it's posted "Gab first", the Gab channel will be guaranteed to be the least censored, and it makes Gab the base station for all of their video upload work. You could provide superior upload tools to those on the sites. This gets people into your ecosystem /fully/.

(Obviously you'd need to actually do proper due diligence on protecting credentials with this approach. (I was shocked to learn Gab was storing OAuth2 bearer tokens directly instead of hashed, for instance.) But, this could do wonders.)

God bless.


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