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I'm so far ahead of the curve. I systematically discovered this as a common wagie many years ago. At least I knew that a social engineering system was being constructed. All I had to do was determine exactly "who" was at the control levers and exactly "what" they were planning in more detail. A total control grid? Yes, but how would they fully implement it. There were too many different ways to go about it, but what really feeds it in every possible way it can go is this: willing participation. Once they get enough people brainwashed enough, they have to give them hurdles and hoops to go through to consolidate that control into an alloy with the will of the subject. That's what these subversive color revolutions have been about, and that includes anything to do with the leftyworld insanity platform. But the weakness of the conservative right and center is the "turn the other cheek" and "do not repay evil" nonsense, which was baked into their skulls for millenia by a cult of control centered in the Vatican and which radiates out still through the Crown Corporation and the CIA et al. This is not going to go away by any means.

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