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From the Enid News and Eagle:

Alexander John Feaster was arrested in June after shooting a 26-year-old Enid woman who stole a Nazi flag being flown at his Hunter residence. Feaster was charged June 30 with the felony and has been held in lieu of $500,000 bond since his arrest.

The document filed by Feaster’s attorneys Stephen Jones and Gabriel Dunbar states their client’s bond is “excessive, unreasonable, and effectively no bail at all.”

The filing claims Feaster is a “patriotic citizen” with no criminal record with an honorable discharge from the United States Air Force, who enlisted after Sept. 11, 2001, and served three tours overseas.

The filing asks the court to consider five reasons for a lower bond being set for Feaster: he has no prior criminal record; he is a lifelong resident of Oklahoma (except for when he served in the military); he owns property in Garfield County; has family in Kay County; and “There is a reasonable doubt, if not absolute doubt, that the Petitioner is not guilty of the offense. He acted in self-defense. There cannot be any implications drawn from the fact that he committed criminal offense of displaying a flag of disloyalty as such tactics are unconstitutional.”

The filing states the 26-year-old woman committed the crimes of trespass, larceny, hate crimes, violations of Oklahoma’s anti-terrorism act and public intoxication. The filing notes the woman has not been charged with any of those crimes.

A brief filed in support of the writ of habeas corpus states Feaster was subject to numerous threats, harassments and thefts of his personal property.

“On at least seven occasions, flags that were his property, and which were associated in the public’s consciousness with The Third Reich and National Socialism, were displayed outside of his home,” the attorneys wrote. “These flags represented his political views and were stolen and destroyed.”

Feaster was told before July 4, 2020, there was a threat to his life and asked law enforcement for more patrols in the area of his home, according to the brief. As far as Feaster knew, there were no patrols placed in the area, according to his attorneys.

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