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For me it seems obvious that if a woman kills her baby in an abortion she must do so at great peril to her own mental health. This is why the left is so crazy.

You can't kill your own baby or believe it's okay to kill any baby without the consequence to your unconscious moral mind. The logical and rational parts of the mind must surly be shut down in order to commit this great injustice.

Only an adult can enter into a legal binding contract and the very act of having sexual relations is consent. And by consent, a unsigned but legally binding contract that if a baby is produced, you will be responsible to carry that life.

Almost every single person intuitively must know this is true to the debts of the soul. To ignore the feeling and to willfully murder a child must surely cause cognitive dissonance within the mind where the only resolution is to shut down all logic and reason to remain in the darkness to the consequences of that decision.

Talk to anyone who pushes and advocates for Abortion as I have and you quickly discover they are past feeling, unable to think or show true empathy for anyone but themselves and their own comfort. They choose politics over the natural passion and desire to protect and nurture. It's unmistakable and I have witnessed this marvelous change when someone has come back to feeling and immediately knows what they have supported is wrong.

Love the person, hate the practice and politics of killing children.

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