The GOP has been infiltrated successfully. Soon McConnell and the rest of RINO will be gone, & the GOP will then be able to put an OFFENSIVE wall in front of the 'maniacal Soros critical theory' practicers trying to shut us Christian America First believers out of society. Critical Theory has Marxist roots and has a simple philosophy of destroy everything, create nothing. It has been amongst us in many iterations and now, thanks be to Jesus, has been completely uncovered being taught, studied and followed as Critical Racial Theory. They are in our military all the way down to kindergarten. The precious fabric of America, from parents' groups to politicians and the military can now uncover the rest and we can use our large numbers of people to vote smart. The 2022 elections will dictate their strength.🇺🇸 ✝️God Bless America✝️🇺🇸

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