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So they are using the same manipulative term that is from the project mocking bird, to label things "conspiracy theory" in order to immediately discredit and throw away, well the reality is, its its social engineering, tell me what the difference is in a conspiracy theory and detective a detective discovering a conspiracy? or anyone for that matter? The answer is none except the term "conspiracy theory" is anti-social term used to MINDLESSLY discredit someone and something! The January "riots" were nothing of the sort, if this was something Trump supporters were planning, they would have brought guns, and there would be more of them and it would have been messy, the facts are Trump had zero to do with it, that is obvious to any intelligent person, any Trump supporters there were clueless what to do and just wondered around (not organized whatsoever) but Antifa was there, THAT is documented, they were also proven to plan on creating problems there! The whole thing was done on purpose, it was planned and the democrats are lying and manipulating the American people!

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