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They didn't even come after Antifa or BLM like they did with those who walked into the capital building and Antifa and BLM caused a huge amount of damage and murdered people and destroyed lives! They basically welcomed them in there and mostly they just wondered about aimlessly! If this was something they planned, they wouldn't be AIMLESS! This is obvious! Also imagine if they came after Antifa or BLM like this? And the Proud Boy's defend themselves, they simply don't allow people to walk all over them and defend others and THEY are treated like criminals why Antifa and BLM are allowed to cause mayhem as they see fit, they are paid for by democrats to get out, they are basically not punished generally and allowed to hurt other people, ie the democratic leaders tell of those states tell the police to back down while they destroy and attack innocent people AND THEY WANT TO BLAME TRUMP?? None of this should be difficult for even average intelligent people to understand.

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