@a I think it's safe to say that Jewish Congress' in western nations are breeding grounds for Marxism with a cloak of protection over it. Here in Canada the Canadian Jewish Congress has been being used to enforce cultural marxism for many years. Currently the former CEO (Bronfman, Seagrams sex cult Bronfman, was CEO of the world Jewish Congress) of the Jewish Congress of Canada Bernie Farber is heading "antihate .ca" which works with ANTIFA and labels Canadians standing up for themselves as "neo-nazis" this same dude was involved in the situation with Ernst Zundel years ago too if I am not mistaken.

They use being Jewish to push Marxist agenda.....

and what he is saying about "hate" speech being an exception to the 1st amendment falls more into our Canadian loophole that was made law when they needed to shut Ernst Zundel up. He won in court and they needed a way to make sure he could be silenced in the same way by stating it was "false news" even though he had proved scientifically in court that they were not telling the truth themselves.

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