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SICKENING SICKENING SICKENING how much some ppl are willing to lie. GAB isn't growing at 10,000 users a Day, that's 100% Bullshit and every Day users know it. Most importantly GAB sure does CENSOR, she's paid to promote and lie I'm not paid so I tell the truth. many of us have noticed how GAB began CENSORING certain posts a few months back.

Also, I've personally had all my content/GAB's deleted, all my Followers erased and the accounts I Followed removed simply because according to GAB staff ppl complained I was a Spambot account which is 100% UNTRUE. One quick look at my account and you can see it's human activity and human generated comments, heck my Banner back then even had a second picture of me standing next to my motorcycle.

I'm not sure exactly why this woman lies but essentially some of what she said is 100% False.

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