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Yes, absolutely... Though I'd say #WOKENESS is more a tenant of the Cult of Big Government... But, yes, the point being that the LEFT is hollow trying to substitute FAITH in POLITICAL PROPHETS to fill the void of their lack of real Faith is spot on...

related.... #PATHETICALCORRUPTNESS as I call it. The Left is always redefining terms to twist the language to fool people WE must coin new terms that PROPERLY IDENTIFY THE LEFTISTS SCAMS/CONS! must see:

related (Left twists language items):

related (must hear) item (audio): twisting of language: WAAM "Moment Of Clarity" (Sat's 2p) Show: (AUDIO 45m):

and the Left's latest PC MANURE.... Are you a #MOTHER or a #BIRTHINGPERSON???? must see:

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