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THANK you PATRIOT for Chasing out this Tag Team of Thugs. He says...."were you in the service"/"if I know some officers" = and he obviously has "VETERAN" , the most HATED Class of people in Biden's world, on his badge to try to play on peoples patriotism to get them to listen to his scheme to trick you into taking a FAKE "Vaccine"...which is a totally untested and GENETIC EXPERIMENT! 82+% of women who take this in their 1st and 2nd trimester LOST their baby and kids are coming down with Heart Inflammation left and right - but take the vaccine NOW!! Of course they have a totally incompetent Gen X person added to make it a "multicultural team" of 3 for safety....all to attack people on their doorsteps! They are obviously trying to teach her how to talk with real people since all she has done in her life is be indoctrinated up to now. GOAL=give them Federal Jobs and recruit more Sheep! VOTE FOR JOE!

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