That's a stupid question. what part of Joshua 1:8 do they not read.. And thou shalt MEDITATE think on consider study remind ourselves over and over, chew the cud over, think listen learn repeat research each word in a concordance. write on the chalkboard or in the sand in those days 100's think deeply or focus one's mind for a period of time upon God ponder over the wonders of His Mighty works. God TOLD Joshua to do this. think on HIM learn of HIM, everything EVERYTHING every idea every creation every action came form God first. we don't throw out His principles and methods just because a cult screws it up GOD SAID THINK UPON MEDITATE THESE THINGS. whatsoever is lovely and true and of a good report and the WORD OF GOD is most certainly all that. go research how many years the chosen people of God the Jews and us today grafted into the Jewish Vine through Jesus our Lord studied and studied and studied until all they could do is exude GOD . there are various resources to help with this online. and for starters

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