This is rubbish. Yoga is can be religiously based, and also it does not have to be. If you understood Yoga you would understand that it's more of a philosophy than a religious outlook. There are many differing types of yoga suited for different people. But let me say this, while you are spewing on about "paganism": The term Christ is the Latinized form of Krist, which is the name of the Hindu God Krishna, or his title. It means "savior" or "one who brings the scriptures". Christ is a borrowed term from Hinduism. Many of your so called Christian holidays are pagen: Christmas is pagan, it's roots are in Yule. Yul is a god our ancient ancestors worshiped. Easter is pagan, it celebrates the fertility of Eastora a Goddess. The cross is a pagan symbol from Rome. The Romans never crucified anyone, if they executed you they did so on a single stake in the ground. Putting your arms out to your sides was a sign of reverence. Its how they displayed their honored dead by splaying them on a cross. The problem with westerners is they "westernize" things and water them down. Yoga in the west is nothing like what it is in the East. In the East it's a very serious practice. In the West it's just for fun,fitness or relaxation.

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