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CRT is not new. This has been in colleges and even some urban and suburban districts, the inflection of what is now known as CRT was manifested. It came into schools via Education programs that required every student teacher to infuse a social justice message into every single lesson plan at every level of education down to PreK. I was a supervising teacher and I saw these lesson plans first hand. Many of the student teachers would offer them up apologetically saying their professors insisted and they would fail if such messaging wasn't included. I saw this aspect back as early as 2012. In 2015 in a summer In Service right before the start of the year, I was confronted with the Equity graphic of the kids on the stools looking over the fence. As a teacher I was specifically told that if there were two children struggling with a class, one black and one white, we should help the black child first and more because the "white kid has people at home to help them." I taught in a fairly diverse upper middle class school. Our kids were the kids of pro athletes and CEO's regardless of race. As the parent of a student who was at that time struggling through high school with dyslexia, it explained so much why teachers were ignoring his IEP and refusing to do the accommodations he needed to suceed. If knew them what I know now, I'd be a very rich woman.

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