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wowza. this is odd, now Biden's cabinets seem to have most come from New Jersey to New England area.

Jen Psaki is from "Connecticut" Her name ( James R. Psaki ) like most are Irish,Greek, Polish cabinets,,

But here. it indicates that Jen psaki's father on several records showing he''s from Greenwich,Connecticut yet, also lives or has residence in Village,Colorado. but registered as a "Rebublican" and though claimed not to have any "political affiliation. did in fact worked with Joe Biden on his behalf..

Her mother ( Eileen Dolan Medvey, ) is a psychotherapist.

it also claims that Jen Psaki's hair is "Dark Brown" yet she now has a Ginger color hair which looks like there's much needed hair root work on it..

Mr James R Psaki, Landline number. (970) 922-2225. Mobile number. (203) 915-5945.

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