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3 hours out of 1 day of a few isolated offenders, whom essentially stole next to nothing, coming from a protest of concerned citizens regarding a fraction of the constituency whom are considered usurpers of common law regarding the sovereign individual occupying the very building that the concerned citizen and tax payer owns VERSUS 1 1/2 years and counting of unfettered anarchist mobs whom have an ideology unlike the sovereignty and the freedoms already provided for in the Union they occupy with the intent to over throw the private citizenry of communal living habitation for the sake of that anarchy which consist of overthrowing the very freedoms they already have. While I don't have the definitive number except the best estimate to the middle of march, (research of 41 states nation wide so far) the arrests made for these protests are roughly 183 thousand in total regarding looting, illegal assembly, destruction of property, murder, theft, possession, loitering, rape, breaking and entering, as well as other felonies and misdemeanors. All this against the private citizenry throughout the nation on behalf of a protest regarding law enforcements treatment towards minority groups in which left continually label black and brown people as a minority or separate entity from this nation. Only real racists do that! Your skin should not label you a separate entity at all, only your efforts and your merits toward communal society in whole should judge whom you are. In short, the content of your character (moral bearing). Let this sink.... in 3 hours versus 1.5 years and counting!.... 584 arrested on Jan 6 versus 183,000 arrested since may 2020 to Mar 2021. A real isolated incident (jan 6) versus a movement(blm, antifa, resist, woke, etc...) to over throw humanity driven by true anarchy because behaving oneself is an antiquated thing like the very constitution that keeps them free!

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