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It's more than a "bitch virus". It is a bioweapon and has neurological and reproductive side effects but this vaccine is WORSE. Ivermectin and other therapeutics are essential. This is not just the "FLU" just like SARS (2003), and MERS (MIDDLE EASTERN RESPIRATORY SYNDROME) were not either. The vaccine is using the messenger RNA platform to mass collect data, create a slew of vaccines for HIV, Malaria, and numerous Coronavirus strains. The reason not to take the 'vaccine' is that it is a NON-STERILZING VACCINE. When someone catches say Chicken Pox or takes a convention vaccine of a weakened or dead virus to generate immune response and subsequent antibodies. Also antibodies are not the ONLY thing that matters. Healthy people have T-CELLS. These attack foreign bacteria, viruses, etc. People taking thise vaccines are going to destroy their immune systems and cause 'vrus escape' and enable variants to spread this shit around. Unvaccinated people are the SAFEST to be around. GIGAOHM BIOLOGICAL - THE TRUTH IS HERE ---->

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