Andrew, you are a beacon of truth and courage. I have watched Dan Bongino for years now. Not so much because I "like" his videos, more because I don't have time to watch many producers and his videos seem to cover the topics in the news that I am most interested in. I have had some real gripes with him for a long while though. In particular his infuriating coverage of the Israel/Palestine issue where his partisanship was about as clear as you can get. He made zero attempt to cover the true figures of "deaths" while he was busy talking about all the poor Jews who die at the hands of the 'terrorists' (which are only terrorists because they don't have a STATE, because Israel VETOS all attempts at statehood for this very reason). shows the numbers, and if he cared about both sides equally, Palestinian deaths should at least have got a look in, a mention, a tip of the hat, but nothing from Dan on that.

I heard his rant about you/Gab and it wound me up enough to turn it off. I don't think he is a fraud any more than you, but I do think it's quite clear that if EITHER of you are more interested in profit than values/principles, it is Dan Bongino, long before it is Andrew Torba!

I have not published anything on Gab TV, I think it's about time I shifted over here and started spending some time on the boards!

Keep it real. Keep it Gab. THE Free Speech platform.

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