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Friendly suggestion: I've spent about an hour of duckduckgo searching trying to find out how to sign up with "gab pay", only to discover there are 3 layers of confusion to peel back:

  1. "Gab Pay" does not have a DNS web presence. People can't link to it.
  2. One must go through "Gab PRO" to access "Gab Pay.
  3. Gab Pay is not current working.

Please stomp on The Author of Confusion by doing the following:

  1. Make go to a web page that is considered the official Gab Pay web presence.
  2. On that page, inform people that to sign up for Gab Pay one must first register with Gab PRO.
  3. Also on that page, and on Gab PRO notify people that Gab Pay is not yet operational due to regulatory hurdles currently being surmounted.
  4. If someone is on their account and enters anything remotely like "gab pay", make the top result be

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