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I had to sign in to comment and when I went back to the fcking video I couldn't make comments. My symbol had disappeared. So I signed in again and put donald rumsfeld in the search. The video was at the bottom right instead of the upper left. This fcking sh!t happens every time.-- Excuse me for being an irascible old man. But I digress. *

  1. The $2.2 Trillion was stolen by Globalist Generals and Bureaucrats over the course of the chaotic military buildup in the 80's and 90's.[$500 toilet seats shows how lax the money was managed].
  2. What did the bunch of Globalists do with the cash? They bought every person they could in DC and beyond and intimidated those they couldn't.
  3. They bought POWER. They formed a CABAL.
  4. They gave a fledgling Deep State the means to control all branches of the Federal Government and secretly rule America.
  5. Obama was their puppet; is Biden, as will be Kamala Harris. The screw ups of Obama and Biden were ordered by the CABAL. They are meant to sabotage America. They will continue under Harris.
  6. Trump was a Black Swan Event for the CABAL. His election brought the Deep State out into the open. Trump was foiled at every turn by the CABAL's allies in the Senate[MITCH] and Congress[Ryan, Pelosi]. The CABAL became desperate so they stole the election.
  7. The CABAL rules through the Democrats. The real ruler of America is Communist Black Nationalist Lloyd Austin of the DOD.
  8. Biden's presidency has only a short shelf life by design. Psychological tests taken before his nomination showed a deteriorated mental state. A compliant Kamala was the Deep State's real choice so they piggy-backed her into position as VP.
  9. The CABAL initiated the KABUL GAMBIT. Biden's supposed incompetency will turn the public against him and hide the hand of the CABAL when he resigns. Biden is a willing player.
  10. Harris is a Commie Black Nationalist also. The upper echelons of the DEMs is filled with Communist White Leftists and Black Nationalists.
  11. The White Leftists have handed power to the Black Nationalists reminiscent of the White South African surrender to the Black ANC. 12 But there is a conundrum: how to reduce White numbers and power.
  12. Unrestricted migrations and the Bio-weapon known as the Covid vaccine are the answer. Migrants do not get the vaccine, Black populations have a low vaccination rate.
  13. Soon millions of vaccinated will die or have serious heath problems.
  14. The Black Nationalists need a mechanism to keep white men from ever regaining power.
  15. The solution will be an Apartheid State based on Black Supremacy.
  16. Yeah, I know---This some Bizarre sh!t.

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