Andrew, below is proof that Rumble's TOS agreement goes well beyond banishment of 'hate speech'. I posted a comment to one of Rudy Giuliani's recent podcasts, saw it added to the other posts, then came back a couple hours later to reread it as I often do for furthering my writing skills. It was gone - taken down! Care to guess why? Is the following hate speech or political opinion?

"Exemplary job Rudy in laying out the "wherefores" of the action taken by Biden and the Pentagon in the Afghanistan debacle. But what about the "Whys?" No one in fledgling conservative media has asked, even rhetorically, why a president (albeit illegitimate and incompetent) and his top military brass would commit such heinous and treasonous acts.

On the heels of Biden's pandemic mandates, on top of his deliberate flooding of the country with millions of illegal immigrants and now war zone refugees, the Left's Final Solution is to demoralize and, thereby, destroy the country's military, especially that portion most loyal to Donald Trump - rank and file service members.

Why else would those who control Biden's executive actions knowingly dispirit active duty personnel and veterans, particularly those who suffer PTSD? Answer: It is unadulterated MAGA revenge and domestic warfare by depraved revolutionaries following the socialist/communist handbook: First demoralize the opposition, next crush and pacify the military, and then disarm the citizenry.

A Joint Chiefs of Staff that would sanction turning over a strategic airbase and $80 billion in the most advanced war fighting equipment, while abandoning American citizens in a city occupied by an enemy to whom it handed the means to locate and identify those abandoned for certain torture and death, should now be viewed as more than willing at home to go house-to-house and room-to-room to forcibly confiscate the remaining means to defend the very constitutional republic its new masters so revile." Mark Clancey, posted September 5, 2021 to Rumble/Rudy Giuliani's Common Sense podcast

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