I applaud your courage and insight. Thank you for what you do. As a retired clergyman and psychiatrist, I’ve seen more than my share of spiritual ignorance and mental illness. The problem is that evil is protected by a skepticism that says it does not exist. Therefore, any attempt at logical conversation is often met with raging denials of truth. Our nation is now oblivious to the obvious and unmoved by the unusual. In my last sermon, before retirement, I raised the question to my congregation: BLACK LIVES MATTER: BUT WHEN?

“Only in the wake of life do BLM!” Lives matter from womb to tomb; not just when they’ve been lost because of cross-racial homicide. BLM, I have frequently said, is the slimy after birth of the Civil Rights Movement. The CRM produced legislative gains and social progress in proactive fashion. BLM is a reactionary coalition of unloved, unfocused, unintelligent social dimwits who seek not to advance or progress, but merely to protest their own irresponsibility. As a man of color I am appalled by the notion that the various and sundries of people of color are inclusive of issues that do not have any bearing on the primary issues that concern the black community. Finally, as far as the “alphabet agendas” (LGBTQ), I have grown tired to reminding the community that the issue is not orientation but pigmentation. Falling on deaf ears, I can only hope that an awakening will occur sooner rather than later.

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