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Andrew, the entire Gab family, all of us, have the strength of many ☀️s & are going to survive famously because 🙏Jesus is our King and Saviour. 🙏Blessed is the Lord, Jesus Christ, for JESUS IS OUR KING🙏 ✝️We are a strong Christian Organization✝️. We all 🙏Pray to GOD🙏 Those non-believers who believe only in money and power will be destroyed by same💸👿 , while we shall flourish with clean ❤️Hearts and Souls❤️filled with love. We must ✝️Pray to GOD For Help✝️ and that will keep us strong with humility and respect❤️. 🙏✝️GOD WINS✝️🙏 ALWAYS❣️

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