Bongino is a puppet for Fox News. He started as a "Fox News Contributor" as a former secret service agent usually talking about 2nd Amendment issues and threats on politicians and that type of thing. Then he became an occasional guest on Hannity. Somehow they liked his confrontational screaming attitude, which I find insulting. It's like Mark Levin or as Hannity laughingly calls "the great one" he's another screamer. I'm insulted that they think I would like to be screamed at. Bongino doesn't do his homework and he even went so far as to bow down literally to the top brass at Fox News for giving him his own show which would now pay him enough "so I can now guarantee to put food on the table of my family." He was literally on the verge of open crying but instead just let some tears flow down his cheeks. I was both sickened by and embarrassed for him. I missed the show that he insulted you on but that's because I only watch Tucker Carlson on Fox now. Tucker can be trusted to tell the truth. FULLY. He is completely out of the control of Fox. He's #1 on TV and can say and do as he wants. They know if they ever tried to reign him in AT ALL he would either leave or demand even more than the huge amount they pay him now and still would do what they want. He could work anywhere he wanted and would definitely dump all the dirt he has on Fox on wherever he would go. I thought it hysterical that the book he just wrote, the publisher tried to get him to change some of the content, and not only did Tucker alert him to the contract they had, but they were close friends and when Tucker's book came out the publisher found out the hard way that Tucker had written the forward of his book on how the publisher had turned into an untrustworthy censor and had very little else to say 'good' about the publisher. He claims they are still 'friends' but perhaps not as close as before. You are a man of class and character Andrew. May GOD Bless You And Your Family. 🙏Pray To JESUS. ✝️JESUS IS KING✝️

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