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Dan Andrews is not the Prime Minister. He is a premier of VICTORIA, a SMALL state, which is mostly COMMUNIST. LOOK AT A MAP. These are NOT CONCENTRATION CAMPS, they are quarantine stations for people who have travelled overseas and have returned to the country. THEY AGREED TO THIS QUARANTINE VOLUNTARILY so they could return to Australia. Hundreds of thousands of people have endured quarantine after travelling, yet ONE video like this and you're all hysterical. You want ILLEGALS sent to camps due to Covid, but you don't want camps. FFS. This is getting BORING and is just as bad as the MSN. AUSTRALIA is doing EXACTLY the same as the rest of the world. You just need a dog to kick. It's pathetic. Have fun this winter. Australians will not be so KIND to you when you're all locked down and being forced to vaccinate. There are NO mandates for vaccines in Australia. Good luck! Stay SANE.

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